Monday 1 April 2013

Sophie's Tip Number 2

Shes here again, my guru, my chief adviser and mighty supporter.

SEE her first tip for her credentials that make her the perfect tip teller for me.

Don't Collapse in the Middle!


Told You

She's goes on - Keep your head up and your shoulders back, it helps to open your chest and with your breathing.

She's so right, since starting this CHALLENGE I had to do the whole invest in a sports bra thing and although I wrestle to put it on in the beginning It's now doing its job properly and I'm seeing the benefits of pulling up straight. Not so many digging in lines when I'm released from my running clothes and yes breathing is good. Although I do try really hard to not hear my own sorry panting, music nice and loud!

I once went to a balance and coordination class ( stop laughing) it was part of this yoga thing I tried and the super limber slightly older lady who ran the class her motto was 'lift from the waist'. I have to admit I didn't understand her meaning until she added 'imagine your breasts are your headlights, let them lead the way'

Another Genius

I'm off to flash my lights whilst running.....if only hypothetically.

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