Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Snow Queen and Handmade Lettering

There are certain stories that are told to you as a child or maybe an adult about human behaviour that just stick - The Snow Queen was one for me. Whether it’s the version with the ice in Kai's heart or eye or the determined Gurda travels to find the boy she loves or just her best friend it just lovely. I've seen it adapted quite a few times once years and years ago when I did works experience with a Scenic Artist at the end of Art College. It was one of the sets that told me I had made the right decision to apply for Drama School to do Set Design. All it took was expertly placed electric blue ladders and marbled tiles and I was a goner. Illustration for heart felt projects are always easier as you can get pulled along by something other than the desire to do a good job and a deadline and inevitably your touch is lighter and less contrived.    

Hand made lettering is something that interests me as I imagine most illustrators. Once you have created your artwork for commercial use it often feels a shame to have clumsy bog standard lettering on top. It’s a product to engage an audience and supply information in the end so I understand the need for type. Handmade lettering, for me, just softens the blow.

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